7 Interesting Law Graduate Jobs

Law Graduate Jobs

There was a time when studying law was a matter of great privilege and pride. There are many Law Graduate jobs but Advocacy was considered as the royal and cream profession which only could be professed by financially sound individuals. But nowadays unlike other streams, Legal studies are the most underrated one by the students, especially in India.
There is a general misconception that a law graduate has very limited scope and advocacy is the only profession that one can choose after obtaining a degree in law. On the contrary, there are no other courses or streams which enable a person to grow in more fields than law.
Be it independent practitioner, corporate or government jobs, one can easily establish and excel in any desired field as there is no stream of science, commerce or business where the applicability of law doesn’t exits, it would not be an exaggeration to say that a law graduate gets more remuneration in corporate sector with comparison to other graduates and has better chance to grow faster than others.

Various Law Graduate Jobs

If we take a look at the availability of opportunities for law graduate jobs then we come to know that one can go into the following fields:-

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Indeed the most desired and reputed profession of the gone period but sadly, in recent times the quality has deteriorated as well still this profession has its charisma. Initially, it demands sheer determination and hard work (especially for the first-generation Advocate) but when it starts to pay back then there is no stopping. Perhaps it is the only profession in the world which increases with the age of a person. So, if you prefer to work without any external pressure and want to be your boss then this profession will suit you.
Advocacy is one of the preferred law graduate jobs option. It becomes a bit harsh in the initial stage if someone is a first-generation law graduate but eventually it brings more relief and satisfaction than any other profession. It not only strengthens a person financially and mentally but also a good lawyer is always valued in society. We have witnessed so many prominent and scholar politicians who also happened to be a good and reputed lawyer. So if one wishes to join politics then Advocacy may lead you over there.

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Judicial Services

If you are an Indian citizen and having a law degree you can also become a judge at its different levels from the lower judiciary to Supreme Court and different criteria have to be fulfilled. To be a part of the Lower Judiciary, one should be below the age of 32–35 years(for general category; age differs from state to state) and should have a valid Law Degree from a Law College that is approved by the Bar Council of India to give the exam of the State Judicial Services.

The exam is usually in three parts, the first one being a preliminary objection type exam, then comes the mains which are the subjective/descriptive exam and then the Interview.
Likewise, at a different level of the judiciary, different criteria and procedures are there to become a judge in an Indian court of law. You can find detailed guidelines in the provided link.

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Corporate Lawyer(Retainer)

As stated earlier, a law graduate has more chances to secure good financial income incorporate as well. Each company hires a lawyer and prefers to keep an in-house legal team, which only saves it some money but also helps to keep a close taboo on the cases which are against the company. The legal department holds a more significant position in a company and enjoys some different royalty. There also opportunity comes, when you have to represent your company in courts as the legal representative of the company, so that’s something like a bonus.
Retainer (Counsel) are hired by the companies in the various business like Real Estate, Hospitality, MFCG, Media, Healthcare, Education, etc., to provide legal expertise and opinions on correct legal views regarding daily and regular working issues, such as opinion on termination of an employee, defamation, employee grievance redressal matters, reviewing the client and vendor contracts, etc.
So as a corporate lawyer, one not only can find opportunities to be an advocate but also can take home a decent salary at the end of the month, and its one of the prominent law graduate jobs.

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Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process outsourcing is commonly known as LPO. There are companies which function like law firms but in offshore. The idea behind it is to get work done at much lower costs. In European countries, where attorneys charge a hefty amount for a case, so the company prefers an offshore law firm which is located in a country where excessive and cheaper manpower exists.
Mostly Banks become the clients of LPOs due to the system of litigation of Europe and that system is to submit all the relevant or would be relevant documents about the case, in court before the commencement of the trial. So LPO reviews all those millions of documents per the instructions of the client. LPO is not something that will give you a tough journey to travel. If you want to make quick money and are not bothered doing monotonous work for years then this option surely should be picked up by you. And this is one of the very common law graduate jobs these days.

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Government Jobs

The most attractive parts especially for Indian Parents. PSUs happen to be a hot spot for Law graduates. Which hires an officer’s position along with a decent package. Other government institutions also recruit law graduates for their respective purpose. The most significant part is that there are some specific positions where only a law graduate can apply and fill up the vacancy, so that looks like a bonus.
For example, a law graduate can apply for UPSC examination like any other graduate person but no ordinary graduate person can apply for a judicial position. That reduces the competition. So Legal jobs exist in government sectors as well and if one is patient and hard-working then the sky is the limit for you.

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Judge Advocate General

The most underrated and avoided profession. It’s quite ironic to see that a very large ratio of law graduates never try for it and its commonly known as “JAG”, officers act as advocates in Defence Tribunals. There is no entrance or stereotypical exams for it to qualify. One just needs to display and establish spontaneity and an appealing personality with affirmative and positive thinking. A screening test will be conducted on the stipulated date and time by the SSB Board on Day-1, on whoever will qualify the screening will get to stay there for 4 more days for more tests and physical activity.
Becoming part of the Nations Army in any capacity is a matter of pride as JAG officer is appointed at the post of the lieutenant which becomes cherry on top. But it is also not that much easy as it appears like a lot of discipline and dedication are required to compete for qualifying JAG.
So if you are a person who has no issues staying in discipline and follows a royal life, then you should get started for it from now. Now means Right Now as the age limit is up to 27 years only and if one has already crossed that age then try for other options.

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One of the reputed law graduate jobs is to become a teacher in a college or university. Nowadays for teaching minimum qualification is a master’s degree and if someone is looking for a handsome package as a teacher he or she must avail doctorate in law. There are large number of law colleges and universities where the law is being taught, not only in India but in abroad also you have opportunities for teaching IPR and other International Laws.
Thus a law graduate has to pick among these aforementioned options and he can make his life and career flourish. It would not be wrong to say that before the emergence of corporate, Law was not that much viable option because back then a person had the only option either become a Judicial Magistrate or a junior Lawyer and being a junior lawyer was also not easy just like nowadays. But now those colleges which are secured through CLAT, has a great reputation and after passing out from then, even a fresher graduate receives a very lucrative package and that makes Law as an alluring field.

Law Graduate Jobs

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