9 Amazing Jobs after Bachelor of Commerce

A Bachelor of Commerce degree is no longer seen as a last resort. Gone are the days when engineering and medical were the only desirable career fields.  It is gaining traction day by day. 


Bachelor of Commerce is an undergraduate degree which is commonly known as BCom/ BCom(Hons) that can be persuaded by students who have cleared Class 12th or Intermediate in any stream it can be Arts, Science, or Commerce.

However, preference is given to students who have studied Commerce at 10+2 level. The duration of the course spans over three years in Indian colleges/Universities.

Admission in Bachelor of Commerce is based on marks obtained in Class 12th or Intermediate, however, some colleges may have an entrance exam for admissions. 

Contrary to popular belief, a bachelor of commerce just doesn’t entail Chartered Accountant (CA) or Management, it has many more options to choose from.

Bachelor of Commerce Graduates have a variety of career options to choose from, each equally desirable. 

 Bachelor of Commerce 2
Bachelor of Commerce 2

Chartered Accountant

CA’s are the financial backbones of any company. 

They audit the accounts and give advice based on the firm’s financial position. They are also responsible for executing wills and work in public and private companies, investment banks, and stockbroking companies.

To become a CA in India, after completion of Bachelor of Commerce one has to become a member of the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants in India) by clearing the exam conducted by ICAI. One also needs to serve as an audit clerk to practice Chartered Accountancy.

 Bachelor of Commerce 6
Bachelor of Commerce 6

Company Secretary

A company secretary ensures the efficient running of the company in legal matters. He/she is a legal advisory. They are also responsible for managing the board of directors and ensuring operations run smoothly.

To become a CS in India, an individual needs to clear all 3 examinations conducted by the ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India). After clearing all 3 exams, an individual also undergoes hands-on training. Only after fulfilling these preconditions, an individual becomes a professional member of the ICSI and obtains a membership number.

 Bachelor of Commerce 1
Bachelor of Commerce 1

Economic Research and Analyst

Bachelor of Commerce in Statistics exposes various boulevards in Economic Research and Analysis. Consulting, Data Analytics, Education, and Government Organizations are some of the popular career options in this field. 

Bachelor of Commerce in Statistics includes the study of Applied Information Economics, Applied Statistics, Biostatistics, Business Statistics, Data Analysis, Demography, etc. 

Statistics jobs are widely demanded. These can be found in the public and the private sector. These are either research-based jobs or teaching jobs. Mathematics-based jobs such as in teaching or academic research. They can also be found in fields such as banking, insurance, and accountancy. 

Cost and works accountant – CWA

 After completing the graduation in Bachelor of Commerce one can persuade for Cost and works accounting. A CWA is responsible for identifying and collecting financial data. Then this data is interpreted keeping the management in mind. CWA’s are also referred to as management accountants.

After a CWA education, one can take up any position among the following:

  • Chairman
  • Managing Director
  • Finance Director
  • Chief Executive
  • General Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Cost Accounting Service in Central Govt
  • Independent Practice

One can also pursue the academic path by becoming a professor or a lecturer. 

Bachelor of Commerce 8
Bachelor of Commerce 8


Their role is to sell and buy shares which ensure maximum profitability. They do this for their clients. One can work as a full-service stockbroker or as a discount broker. The share market offers huge opportunities with high returns. Those with a high-risk appetite can do well in the market. 

One needs to register with the SEBI and become a member of the stock exchange. The educational criteria to become a stockbroker is to be a graduate and have 2 years of experience in any stockbroking firm.

It is necessary to have an academic background in business-related fields such as economics, finance, or business administration. One can also become a financial manager, an analyst, or a specialist. 

Bachelor of Commerce 7
Bachelor of Commerce 7


One of the fashionable career opportunity after Bachelor of Commerce is to become a Banker. Banking involves working in a bank and managing customer deposits, loan requests, etc. One can become a banker in a public or a private bank. Investment banking is also becoming a sought-after job.

Unlike a typical banker, an investment banker engages in advise and consulting-based exchanges with corporations, individuals, and government. 

To avail of a banking course, one must clear the rigorous entrance exam. 

Clerking, home banking and personal banking are among the different career options available.

Bachelor of Commerce 5
Bachelor of Commerce 5

Venture Capitalist

A VC is a private equity investor providing funds to companies with high growth potential for a stake in the company. These companies are usually new entrants in the market and don’t have access to funds.

For being a VC, no specific academic qualification is required. The individual should have a clear and precise understanding of the sector they choose to operate in. 

Business Analytics

Students learn how to use data to plan and implement business strategies. Large amounts of data are researched and processed to apply in various real-life situations. Nowadays, business and data analysts are being highly sought after. This as data is now being used to predict outcomes and further Business strategies.

Certified Financial Planner 

A certified financial planner helps individuals in areas concerning finance such as taxation, insurance, investment, and much more. A CFP identifies clients, analyses their financial status, makes a plan accordingly, and reviews it from time to time.

To become a certified financial planner, individuals need to obtain certification from the Financial Planning Standards board. 

The eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in any area of study. Apart from clearing the exam, the individual should also have the required experience. Individuals are then required to sign an ethical declaration while a background check is also conducted. 

Bachelor of Commerce 9
Bachelor of Commerce 9

Loan officer

A loan officer meets with prospective borrowers, inspects their applications, and rejects or approves them. This is done by collecting the necessary financial documents and determining if they comply with the law. After viewing the documents, the officer ascertains whether the borrower has the financial capacity to pay back the loan.

They also persuade clients to avail loans and assist them in the process. These are employed by banks and financial institutions. 

Graduates in finance, economics, or banking are mostly preferred. Certification courses also add value to one’s skills. Most firms have a qualifying exam that the candidate must clear. 

Experience in the banking sector, even in a junior position is preferred. Apart from that computer literacy and persuasion skills are a must. 

There are various loan officers such as those handling commercial loans, consumer loans, or mortgage loans. 


Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration is a good option for students who plan to make a career in Business Administration and Management. The course provides exposure to Business Management, Corporate Accounting, Business Law, Marketing, Business Organization, Corporate Law, Business Communication, Retail Management, etc.

A Bachelor of Commerce degree is no longer coveted, it is a necessity nowadays. Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration offers a huge Return on Investment (ROI). It makes an individual ready for leadership positions by instilling confidence and knowledge. 

A Bachelor of Commerce degree degree has remarkably grown over the years and has become the most sought-after any stream. The most important for this is that the degree itself has evolved to suit the employer’s needs.

The growth of business and entrepreneurship culture can also be accounted for by the rise in popularity of the degree. Managerial positions require certain skills like leadership, networking, communication, analytical thinking, and problem-solving, and A Bachelor of Commerce allows students to hone these skills.

Bcom in Business Administration not only improves students’ theoretical knowledge of various aspects of management but also enhances their practical skills with case studies and internships. A A Bachelor of Commerce opens up various new career opportunities for students.

The major specializations are Operations, Marketing, Finance, Business Analytics, and IT.

Operations Management – It involves coordinating by planning and supervising the manufacturing process of the service or products. It involves producing and delivering the product effectively and efficiently. 

Transportation, retail, construction, and hospitality are among the few career options in this field.

It focuses on financial planning and management of resources. The various career options include corporate banking, hedge fund management, private equity, and many more. 

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