Insight and Best Tips for BPO Jobs in 2020

A significant accession has been noticed in BPO jobs in the last decade in India. The augmentation of the Indian BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry has shown a recognizable presence in the Mid90s.

BPO jobs have been a lifesaver for the growing number of unemployed people in early 2000. We were expecting that year 2020 will be different and prosperous for many businesses. Yes, 2020 has become different but not as expected as the world is going through a pandemic named COVID-19.

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 An Introduction to BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

BPO is often referred to as information technology-enabled services (ITES) because it relies on technological infrastructure that enables external companies in the efficient accomplishment of their roles. 

The BPO or the Business process outsourcing is one of the most in-demand companies of InfoTech. At first, its protocols were for the chained business purposes like ice creams, soft drinks, but due to its fast growth, it has been very impactful in the marketing community. 

Companies generally opt for BPOs in two categories – BACK OFFICE and FRONT OFFICE. Front office revolves around customer services like sales, customer care, tech support, marketing. Whereas the back-office deals with the core processes for the company like accounting, human resources, IT services, quality, and appliances. 

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Advantages of BPO

FLEXIBILITY, Companies are attracted to BPOs because of their flexibility. They engross themselves in any field of job, be it accounts, telecommunication, human services, supply chain, IT services, etc.

ENHANCED QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY, They firstly offer accessibility to those areas, where the End-user companies barely could have had that kind of exposure. They use modern equipment and material along with the technologies. Hence the worth increases by a thousand times to a better structure.

FOCUS ON A SINGLE WORK, They prefer modern technologies to improve whatsoever project they are working at that time. As they have to take up one work at one time for a particular company and assigned team-wise. A separate team will take care of a project, and that team will be focusing on that project only.

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CHEAPER RATES, American companies benefit from outsourcing operations to countries with lower income taxes and labor costs.

DIVISION OF LABOUR, Work done by a unit of people is way more effective than multitasking of one single individual. So does the BPO companies. Various sectors are segregated into teams which makes the work faster and better. 

 GLOBAL MARKETING, It has been one of the best places for global marketing; because of its further branches in different countries, along with easy contact with higher companies. 

 TACTFUL, By outsourcing non-core and administrative functions, companies can reallocate time and resources to core competencies like customer relations, which ultimately results in advantages over competing businesses in its industry.

With so many advantages, there are a few disadvantages also. 

  1. Technical issues: since BPO is almost dependent on technology, if one technical error occurs, that can cause a panic situation.
  2. Bio-piracy: technological supports leads to more of online thefts. 

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Here are the procedure and tips for appearing in interview for BPO jobs.

First things first, If you are looking for BPO jobs then you need to make a proper informative CV mentioning the subjects covered, the field of interest, and previous experience. And the job seeker needs to start uploading updated Cv on various job boards like,,, Linkedin, etc. And keep the profile updating weekly so that recruiters will get to know that you are actively looking for BPO jobs.

In India, for attending an interview for BPO jobs one should be proactive as most of the time it will be scheduled on short notice. So always keep your resume ready and updated if you are an active job seeker.

Try to have a basic understanding of the BPO and google about the company. As sometimes, HR may ask a simple question that; what is a BPO? , or what you know about the company? So be prepared for these types of interview questions.

In some international BPOs, where the number of applicants is more for the walk-in interview, they will give a piece of paper with some words written on that paper, and applicants have to pronounce it correctly. Whoever fails to pronounce it correctly they will not even reach the personal interview. The reason for telling this is that the pronunciation and command of language is a must thing for an International BPO jobs applicant.

Always attend an interview in a well dressed formal attire.
If you are applying for BPO jobs then keep one thing in consideration that interviewer may ask if you are interested in a night shift job. You have to be flexible in terms of timing if you are in real need of a job; and you have to say, “yes” for that.

Due to the current situation, companies have started online interviews for BPO jobs. Whenever you appear for an online interview, make sure that you are formally dressed and try yourself to be available in a peaceful place with the best possible internet connectivity.

Not All but some BPO Jobs has shifted from office to work from home. After qualifying for the BPO jobs interview you may also be requested to work from home as per your profile.

Below are the names of some big companies which are offering million of BPO jobs. If you are an applicant for BPO Jobs; you can visit their websites frequently and apply for open positions.

Genpact, IBM, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, Cognizant, Genpact, IBM, TCS, HP, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, Wipro, EXL, NTT DATA(Dell), WNS Global, Minacs, Infosys, Mu Sigma, Aegis, etc.

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Future of BPO jobs

Many economists have predicted that BPO has a golden future ahead, because of its spreading chains, and friendship with the growing and already grown companies. The companies which have grown enough that also need BPO for side works and division of labor and companies in the developing stage also need it for better supply chain, contacts, quality, and quantity. Hence BPO will always be in demand. 

Not only in the domestic country, but BPO has raised to inter-country agreements. If a contract initiated with another country where there are political stability, lower labor costs, and (or) tax savings, then BPO is offshore outsourcing. FMC is one such example of a US company offshoring to India. Vise versa, if a job contracted to a neighboring country that is called nearshore. Like an Asian company collaborating with a European country. 

There is another scenario when BPO contracted within the company’s own country, even if its vendor partners located in different cities or states, which is called onshoring or domestic shoring.

Now what it means is outsourcing business to a third-party service provider for companies like Amazon, Payroll, Apple, etc. BPO is an add-on to the maximum productivity by a renowned company, although it doesn’t put up to the marketing position of that particular company. 

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