• Academic Level Degree Bachelor
  • Age 38 - 42 Years
  • Salary 1850
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Management


                                               Professional Qualification 15 Years Experience in Aramco Mega Projects (Infrastructure & Housing).   Aramco Approved Civil Engineer & Member of Saudi Council of Engineers. PMI Crertified risks management, risk identification& risk responses implementation to mitigate threats to project objectives. Good Experience in Construction of Housing Villas Projects and infrastructure including (deep excavations for Water Transmission lines, open culverts, box culverts, retaining walls& dewatering system and construction of Pump station). Good knowledge in Micro tunnelling works, procedures and machinery setup. In-depth knowledge in deep excavation and safely installation and fittings of GRP, VC pipes and ductile iron pipes and valves chambers. Extensive Experience in structural, construction methodology and application of civil engineering techniques for HV Substation Projects, Piles foundations of HV OHTL Tower Lines and access roads. Experience working in hardscape, landscape and irrigation system installations High Ability to work and manage a projects at Remote Areas. Familiar with requirement for onshore and offshore construction requirements. Sound understanding of International codes and standards, procedures, and specifications as (IBC, ACI, ASTM, BS, SAES…).


  • 2005
    Sudan University of science and technology.

    Civil Engineering

    Bachelor of science (BSc) In Civil Engineering • Construction Department


  • 2018 - Present
    Saudi Consulting Services

    Civil Engineer

    Project 2 : Hager Infrastructure Duties & Responsibilities: - Supervising and Management Site Preparation of (1700 Villa) including Site Preparation, Precast Concrete as Implementation of new Plan for ministry of Hosing & National Housing Company (NHC). - Executing of Deep excavation of Storm Transmission lines, open culverts, box culverts, GRP Pipes, manholes, retaining walls and pump station. - Supervising, Inspection Construction Management of Roads 4.5 Million M3 cutting & backfilling and asphalt work. -Supervising of hardscape (public parks, Sidewalks), landscape: (Basketball courts, gardens, Palm Trees, Shrubs and Grass irrigation system installations. - Witnessing contractors’ testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning, and quality control inspections to ensure that the permanent works are constructed according to the contract, applicable codes, standards, approved drawings and specifications. - Reviewing, and Assessments Contractor’s Claim and Variation Orders Documenting and Highlighting areas of Concern at early stage to insure compatibility with project budget baseline.

  • 2016 - 2018
    Saudi Consulting Services

    Civil Engineer

    Project 1: Construction of 272 Residential villas& Infrastructure - Duties & Responsibilities: - Managing Construction of (272 Villa) from site preparation to handover to final user including Concrete work (steel, formwork, fresh concrete tests, non-destructive tests). - Executing deep excavation of Water Transmission line, Storm water Transmission line included valves chambers, open culverts, and Thrust Boring “micro-tunneling method ” - Supervising massive cutting, backfilling, Roads Construction, Storm pump stations, open Channels and culverts. - Monitoring Power Supply to Project by Construction of HV Substation, Trenching, Cables Laying (cable trays, Duct Banks) and Transformers, RMU installation and mini feeder pillars and Electronic meters. - Responsible to issued NCR for work not in compliance with industry standards, Codes and Clients’ Specification or Procedures in addition to Monitor the Corrective Actions.

  • 2013 - 2016

    Civil Engineer

    Project: Construction -230- Residential villas. Duties & Responsibilities: - Monitoring, Construction of (230 Villa) Start from Excavation to Reinforced Concrete work (Steel, formwork, Concrete pouring up to handover to final users). - Supervising Construction of Roads, wastewater lines, pump stations, Irrigation water tanks and irrigation distribution system. -insuring adhere to Approved Quality Plan, and overall Management Plan and projects’ functional Specification. - Supervising Telecommunication Supply to Project Trench Excavation and Fiber Optic Cables Laying, hand holes, Duct Banks and mandrel tests for Conduit. - Reviewing and Approving Contractor Shop/as built Drawing, Method Statement (MS) and Monitor the related implementation. - Insuring All Suppliers, batch plant, testing agencies and other manufactures are Regularly update their calibration and comply with governing Regulations. - Reviewing problems with Contractor to determine whether proposed actions are adequate for resolution.

  • 2012 - 2013

    Civil Engineer

    Project: King Faisal University -320- Staff Housing villas and Infrastructure. Duties & Responsibilities: - Supervising Construction of ( 320 Villa) including Excavation and Backfilling compaction tests in addition to Concrete work (Steel, formwork, fresh concrete tests). - Supervising of hardscape (public parks, Sidewalks), landscape: (Basketball courts, gardens, Palm Trees, Shrubs and Grass irrigation system installations - Assuring high quality for construction work according inspection Test plan (ITP) & client’s specifications and international standards such as, ASTM, ACI AASHTO… - Reviewing, Assess Proposed Change Orders and Documenting, Highlighting changes impact in scope baseline. - Reviewing problems with Contractor to determine whether proposed actions are adequate for resolution. - Reviewing, Validating and Correcting Contractor’s Interim payment certificates to Insure the Invoice is aligned with the Contractual procedures before releasing the payment to the client.

  • 2006 - 2012

    QC Civil Engineer

    Project : Manifa Causeway –Mega Project. - Duties & Responsibilities: - Excuting Power Supply to Manifa Mega Project by Construction of HV 115/33KV Substation, Piles foundations for HV OHTL Tower Lines 120 km from Tanajib areas through onshore Aramco Oil &Gas Pipes pass to Manifa Project. - Monitoring Excavation and Cables Laying (Trenching, Duct Banks including mandrel tests for all Conduit) in addition to Transformers, RMU installation and mini feeder pillars for Power distribution to Aramco offices& petroleum wells - Supervising Construction of 120 km access road work include cutting, embankment, compaction test comply with aramco standard (SAES). - Executing of 82 KM of Water Transmission lines and Construction of Pump Station& Chambers. - Executing of Manifa Bridges and Aramco helipad and visitors rest house as part of manifa site preparation project. - Prepares Detailed Work Breakdown Structure of all work packages and Project scope to Generate activities which can provide a basis for Definitive estimate of costs, schedule, and resources. - Submitting WIR, MIR to Project Inspection Department (PID) & Documenting approved WIR &MIR. - Ensuring that adequate corrective Action is implemented to Close Nonconformance Report (NCR) - Conducting all QC internal & external tests include: concrete test, mandrel test for Duct Banks & pipes casing, Compaction tests, Soil classification tests, Reinforcement steel tests and related project materials tests.